Tuesday, January 31, 2006

There is nothing I hate more than someone who drops extraneous information into a conversation for the sole purpose of seeming important.

Ok, there may be things I hate more, like war and hippies...but still. I hate this a lot too.

You know the type I am talking about? Like, lets say I am having a conversation with someone about flowers, and I am like "I really like irises" the other party is like "I saw the most GORGEOUS flowers when I was at the Oak Room last night. I dropped almost a G on dinner and drinks".

Um, ok. Not relevant to what we were talking about. I said what kind of flower I liked, thus opening the door for you to tell me what kind of flowers YOU like..not that you have a predilection for overpriced steak.

And this person ALWAYS does this. Like I could mention that my stapler was broken and he would be like "You know what else is broken? The bathroom fan at the Top of the Hub. I found out last night after I spent a G on dinner.".

These are the same kinds of people who name drop constantly. I don't mean "Hey, have you ever been to Sonsie? I went for the first time this weekend and it is fabulous!". That is fine. But when the conversation is going in one direction or even in NO direction and you turn it so you can mention some supposedly marvelous place you went to and how much money you spent, that is decidedly unfabulous.

What i like to do to a person like this, is completely deflate them.

So you see, in the case of Mr. Oak Room, even though I knew what/where the Oak Room is, I said. "Oak Room? What is that??". And he looked at me SHOCKED "You don't know what the Oak Room is?" and I of course shook my head, dumbly. "It's a RESTAURANT at the FAIRMONT COPLEY PLAZA". And I shrugged and said "Oh, never heard of it". At this point, he informed me it was "The Best Steakhouse in Boston" and basically rattled off the menu from memory, complete with prices, to give me an idea of what I was missing. I ended the conversation with "Oh, I'm usually not a fan of hotel bars, little too touristy for me but it sounds cute!" and sauntered off.

So maybe I am the bitch. But he is annoying.

And that is so much worse.


kate.d. said...

i think your response is brilliant.

honestly, people who would brag about spending that much on one meal are a mystery to me, as i would hang my head in shame at blowing the equivalent of a week in vegas on a dinner.

my friend told me about proposing to his girlfriend over new years, and that somehow he managed to spend $1,200 at the restaurant. $1,200 on four people (her parents were there too - don't ask, cuz i don't know). i almost fell out of my chair, literally- and then i laughed til i could hardly breathe. poor schmoe.

at least he had the good sense to almost have a heart attack over it!

Sarah said...

haha i know! i was pissed that i accidentally spent $40 on chicken at the supermarket last week.

Jaime said...

seriously. there is no need to spend that much on food.

Nicky said...

That is so obnoxious! And really, who the hell spends thousands of dollars on food? Unless it's on your wedding reception...(or so I'm finding out). That would feed PJ & I in groceries for months! You should've kicked that person in both shins before you left, too. Just for good measure.
How did you spend $40 on chicken?Did you accidentally buy Big Bird's carcass?

Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

Say what you will about that guy, but he is hot.

Sarah said...

Nicky: lol NO! I misread the price label on the chicken breast tenderloin packs. I thought it said "$1.99" for a 2 lb lack and i was like SWEET so i picked up three of them PLUS some regular chicken breasts, but when I go to check out I realized that it said "YOU SAVE $1.99" and the price was actually around $9 a pack. d'oh! and then i was too embarrassed to return them. So now adam and i have chicken for days. no, WEEKS.

Jeanne: i just cried a little.

Anonymous said...

you + ms paint = the best combo ever.

Anonymous said...

oops, that was me. <3 danielle

ugagirl16 said...

That is hilarious....and yes, I so know people like that and it is annoying as hell.
I got your gift for Parker yesterday --- That is the sweetest thing!!! I put it in his hospital bag so that he can have it right away -- it's so soft!! You are so sweet to think of him :)

Sarah said...

aw i'm so glad you like it! i couldn't believe how soft it bad they don't make them in adult sizes!

Jesse said...

Oh yeah, people like that... I met a whole bunch of them today. Bad. Just bad.

Love the pic though! :)

Oh, and this is Jesse, from myspace, if you didn't recognize the pic. :P

The Running Pretence said...

That is hysterical. Bravo for the perfect banter to combat that special breed of snob :)