Wednesday, January 04, 2006

One of the laments of my life is that I cannot speak intelligently "on the spot". Unless the subject matter happens to fall in various, specific areas such as "The Shoe Section on" or "Boxed Wines of the World" or "Republican-Bashing" etc. And even then it is very hit or miss depending on the level of alcohol I have consumed/my interest in engaging in conversation with the opposing party.

In any case, this holds EXCEPTIONALLY true with people whom I am trying to impress at work. And in each instance I KNOW what to say. I truly have explicit and eloquent thoughts in mind, I just can't quite utter them coherently.


Just now I was talking to a client and he asked me what I studied in college

Me: English..hence I'm sitting at a reception desk (hiyooo!)
Him: English is a great subject to study..there is a lot you can do with it
Me: Yeah I suppose. It's a great background if you plan on applying to grad school
Him: Oh are you getting your Masters?"
Me: Maybe someday.
Him: What are you interested in?
Me: Well, I have been looking into Criminal Justice programs lately
Him: Really? What made you interested in that?
Me: (what i should have said) Well, I'm interested specifically in victim advocacy becauseI would like to work people in a less administrative capacity, and I think this would be a good area for someone like me who is interested in studying criminality/the justice system to get involved in
(what i DID say):Um, well, I watch a lot of Law & Order hee hee heeeeeeee!

You can see know what this bodes in the event I have to attend an admissions interview.

Admission Counselour: "Why do you want to attend graduate studies at Suffolk?"
Me: "Ummm I like the Beantown Pub!"


M said...

Nothing wrong with that...I love L&O. The order is my favorite!

Sparky said...

omg, that made me Laugh! I always do stupid shit like that.. and then I either blush or try to cover up and always end up sounding like an idiot. Also, I just read your whiskey post and if you like whiskey sours, you should make a hot toddy: one part whiskey, half part honey, half part lemon juice, fill with hot water. SO good when it's really cold outside or when you have a cold. I used to make them for sick people when I bartended. Instant hit.

Anonymous said...

I've done the same thing. Even worse. I have degree in Middle Eastern Studies and when some people found this fact out at an office party they all started trying to trump me with "have you heard" news on some miniscule disturbance in the Middle East that they heard about on NPR that morning. I just stood there with my mouth open looking like an idiot. I haven't keeped up with the details of everything going on over there since my classes.

I think it made them all feel very smart though.


Anonymous said...

BEANTOWN! i love it. <3 danielle

adena said...


I do the same thing tho'. Completely eloquent in my head...not too bad written down....however, if i try to SPEAK, disaster ensues.

I could never do something like "Who's Line Is It, Anyways?" I think those kind of people are BRILLIANT!