Friday, January 20, 2006

If you don't already ready McSweeney's lists, you have been missing out on hilarity like this

Things My Girlfriend Did Not Say After I Told Her That I Sometimes Feel Stuck.

- - - -
"Maybe you should see other people to remind yourself of why you are with me."
"Good point."
"Would it help if you took up drinking again?"
"Just stop doing the laundry and washing the dishes all the time and you'll feel better."
"What you need is a break from that 35-hour-a-week job you keep having to get up by 6 in the evening for; we can just live on my teacher's salary."

and this

Dr. Phil's Inventions.

Talking about stuff
Smiling through your tears
Not beating your kids
Going to the doctor when you have cancer
Taking a good look in the mirror

But don't worry, you can catch up.

(My secret dream is to submit my own list and have them publish it...but it is VERY hard to be creative under pressure...even if that pressure is self inflicted!)

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