Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Golden Globes, Haiku Style

I support tall gals
But, I am sorry Geena-
Atia was robbed

Oh Evangeline!
We wear our nightgowns to bed,
And not to the Globes.

Larry David wins!
Just kidding, Steve Carell did
I was just hoping....

Dear Reese and Ryan,
Please don't pull a Nick and Jess
I could not take it.

A golden globe win.
Detective Green as her date.
Go S. Epatha!!

I bet Jason Lee
Pushed hard for a biker 'stache
On My Name is Earl

Penelope Cruz
Why does your English still suck?
Assimilate, girl!

SJP in black.
SATC girls still rule.
Miranda looks great!!


Okgirl Speaks said...

I agree. Miranda did look great. I love her hair. I didn't think she was even the slightest bit attractive on SATC (hubby agreed, he didn't know why she was even on the show). And what about Melanie Griffith? Ewww. The tatoo on her arm looked like it was sagging.

Sarah said...

i don't think Miranda was especially hot on the show except for the last two seasons...but she was my favorite character!

Jenny said...

I love me a good haiku. And here I have a whole bunch. Lucky me!

AliRose said...

I'm so-so about Evangeline's dress, but I thought the color looked absolutely delicious on her!