Monday, January 23, 2006

The big excitement around here this past weekend was the arrival of our new coffee table and end tables.

My mom cringed when I told her I bought glass tables, she was raised in a glass table house and still has nightmares about the smudges (have I mentioned my mother is neat to the point of OCD?). I am a fan though. The only drawback is that this new coffee table is a few inches longer and wider and taller than the old one, and I have walked into it about 199 times since Saturday morning. Ask my left knee, a glass corner ain't nothin' to f*ck with.

But I intend to adjust!

One of the end tables, housing our fish Briscoe quite nicely..there's also some fresh flowers I bought from the road stand down the street from my work, and framed pictures of Monet's waterlillies garden that my parents took when they were in Giverny.

I like to have fresh flowers in the house whenever possible. For $5-$10 I can get a huge bouquet of daisies or alstromeria that will last me a week and it's definitely worth every penny.

Let's continue the tour, shall we?

I have an embarassing affection for white christmas lights. I put them up for the holiday and NEVER take them down. I've persuaded Adam that we should get a ficus tree, and relegate all the lights to it so as to do away with the college dorm feel the lights lend to the living room

I can't help myself..flattering lighting is a guilty pleasure of mine

These are some fun mexican lantern lights I found at Marshall's a few years ago. They work well in the kitchen. Even with no other lights on they cast a smooth red light over the room that is so romantic and fun to eat under.

And I don't know if you know this about me but, well. I have a thing for roosters in the kitchen.

I like them

Very much

A lot.


And while I have the camera out I may as well snap some pictures of my kids

Here are my favorites, all lined up and looking pretty as usual. There are countless others strewn in various closets..but these babies get the most of mama's attention. Oh and please take note of the duck bill whistle to be used to quacking at Duck Tour buses in Boston.

So there you have place! Not the biggest place, or the nicest place..but I have definitely made it home and truth be told when we move this summer I will miss it*.



kim said...

i love lights as well. i say christmas-lights all year round are just fine. the roosters, well... but the lights and flowers are cool! :)

Sarah said...

thanks for the christmas light encouragement :-) when my parents first visited my apartment 2 years ago they walked in, saw the lights hanging around the windows (and it was NOT christmas time) and were like "that's sarah, right there". what can i say? i love them!

Jenny said...

i will say this about the christmas lights: I think they look better in your apartment than they do in these pics! Sitting in your living room sipping wine - they definitely belong there and don't look all "someone forgot to take them down". You don't get that from these pics. But I assure you readers, it's a very nice touch in person.

Sarah said...

haha maybe it's just that whenever you come over, i ply you with wine so that you THINK it looks good :-)

what i am really trying to say is: come over and let's drink wine.

Frankie said...

I love the tables! Your apartment is so cute. Somehow, I missed the rooster fetish when I visited...although I don't know how...probably because I was more interested in the food in the kitchen than anything else. Really, a giant rooster could have handed me a plate of food and I wouldn't have noticed.

Norwego said...

Cute! What's with the strappy shoes during the dead of winter on the East Coast? I applaud that! Just 'cause it's crap outside doesn't mean the feet can't look good!

Sarah said...

that's what i'm saying! i don't classify my shoes by season!

Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

Ok... how could noone notice or comment on the whole "I love c@#k!" in the kitcken thing. Maybe it's just cuz I'm a dude, but I love roosters alot = I love the c@#k!

c'mon people.


Sarah said...

LOL. ok, so let's substitute cock for rooster in my original sentence.

"i have a thing for cock in the kitchen".


i'm glad i didn't mention my thing for cats.

M said...

Um...I didn't know you were moving???

Sarah said...

we're still staying in quincy...we're just not renewing our lease in august because the landlord is a pig from hell.

Natalie said...

have i ever told you how much i like pictures??? well, i do! i love them love them love them! (oh, and i edited my last entry & posted your comment for the world to see--why? because i loved it! can you see i'm in a loving mood today??)

sweta said...

Yeah, we still have x-mas lights up as well. It's so hard to take them down and they do add a nice ambiance to a room. Love that round vase with flowers on the mantle. Very stylish.

Also, you freaking jealous!