Wednesday, December 28, 2005

People Whom the Massachusetts Highway Department
Considers to be Second Class Citizens

1) Anyone who lives on the South Shore, drives, and stays out in Boston past midnight

2) Anyone who lives on the South Shore, drives, works Northwest
of Boston and has to work this week


Have you ever tried to take 93 South to get home after a night out on the town? If so then you have gotten to enjoy the not so rare pleasure being stuck in the Callahan Tunnel for an hour because they have closed all the lane to do "construction" and are funneling all four lanes out of one exit. And let me tell you, there is nothing a car full of drunk people like more after a night out on the town than to be stuck in an immobile car for long periods of time. It in no way leads to any kind of mischeif or mayhem invovling what appears to be vomiting contests out of the car windows. And GOD forbid you are in a taxi in this tunnel and have to sit in mute horror while the meter ticks off dollar after dollar and you are no closer to your destination.


I know that to the Mass Highway Department, this seems like the PERFECT week to shut down a lane of 128 South for more of this supposed "construction" (although may I say all I ever see at these "construction sites" are a cop car or two, and some orange cones with nary a machine or hard hat in sight). You probably assume that with less people going to work this week due to the holidays, this will cause less of a nuisance. Well, what about we poor slobs who have to not only work in a dead quiet office this week but then have to deal with a two hour commute home when some of us MAY have assumed that since there was no traffic on the way to work, there would be none on the way home and we considered this the only silver lining in the shit gray cloud of having to work this week.

What about that?

I'm just saying. I pay my taxes (usually) and I deserve less of a bitchy commute.


MarisaJosephine said...

i will take a sip for that!
I agree
especially its annoying
when you have to be
detoured through that street by the pine street inn and then towards south bay center

it just makes me want to stay home in dorchester.

You know the only reason that construction goes on this week is so that the Union workers can get a better end of the year overtime check....1 man to drill...2 men to watch him....a police officer to haphazardly wave along traffic


Miss Browneyedgirlie said...
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Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

I hate 128, too.

I drove to Somerville last Friday, assuming that since it was the day before Christmas Eve, there wouldn't be that much traffic.


It was insanity.

This is why I love public transportation.

I have far less gray hairs because of its existence :)

Sarah said...

i wish that the nearest T stop wasnt 10 miles away from here :( i also wish that i wouldnt have to switch trains 3 times to get here.