Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I don't normally consider myself a Dooney & Bourke Fan (although truth be told my friend Katie and I once had one Pinot Grigio too many at Joe's American Bar and Grill and the South Shore Plaza, and wandered over to Filene's where for some reason we decided to buy the most expensive key chains we could find, so I do have a $40 D&B keychain hanging from my car keys, but that is really neither here nor there)

Anyway, I have to say that Dooney has really stepped up their game. The following bags are really just begging to be bought with my Christmas bonus money.

May I present

The Birkin's sketchy but sassy twin

A fatter, snazzier version

And a bag that seems like the kind of tote an woman who sits alone at a restaurant during the day, sippping coffee and garnering admiration from other women sitting by, who wonder
"where did she get that bag i LOVE that shape..but I am too intimidated by her classic style to ask" (and i know, because I saw a woman at the Cheesecake Factory at the Pru with this bag and that's how I felt)

Of course I will probably buy none of these bags, and instead get the cheaper versions at TJ Maxx but it is fun to dream, right?

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Anonymous said...

oooh, they're really cute. I like the yellow one. You should splurge and buy yourself one- it is bonus season after all and a good classic bag can last for years. It's a good investment!