Monday, December 19, 2005

A Cinematic Discussion Between Friends

acbutler27: beaches is on
acbutler27: i will cry
control seven: i cant watch
control seven: you know what movie i like that i bet you will think is weird?
acbutler27: sarah, don't become a famous singer and leave me to get cancer
acbutler27: ?
control seven: Lord of the Rings!
control seven: i saw 1 and 2 yesterday and was enthralled
control seven: i was so surprised
acbutler27: Lord of the rings!
control seven: shocking, right?
control seven: i can't wait to see #3
control seven: i'm having Peter Tivo it
acbutler27: ?
acbutler27: Is it a miniseries
acbutler27: ?
control seven: no, its a three part film
control seven: each one is like 3.5 hours long!
acbutler27: jesus h.
control seven: i know, i never knew i had the stamina
acbutler27: what are these movies all about?
acbutler27: meaning are they german nihilist cinema?
acbutler27: they sound crazy
control seven: this hobbit, frodo, who has to return an evil ring back to the evil mountain from which it was made
control seven: they are crazy
acbutler27: oh wait!
acbutler27: I was thinking Lord of the FLIES!
acbutler27: WHAT AN IDIOT
control seven: LOL


Frankie said...

Lord of the Flies!


Okgirl Speaks said...

I love Beaches! I saw it was on while I was flipping through the channels, but hubby threatened to take my Christmas present back if I decided to stop there and watch it. Oh well, at least I didn't cry.

AliRose said...

I talked forever about how I would never watch Lord of the Rings, because I'm a horrible person and I always judged people who read those books. Anyways, for some reason, my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I watched the first one one day on DVD and were hooked! We ended up seeing the next two in the theatres and we were obsessed. I was completely surprised to find them so enthrawling!

Sparky said...

Lord of the Rings is the BEST! If you like the movies, you should read the books--classics!

Anonymous said...

i dont know if this is a joke or not, but i absolutely love the LOTR. i own the third extended version if you want to watch it. <3 danielle the elven queen

Sarah said...

its not a joke! i was in love with it!!! my favorite thing is how sam always calls him "Mr. Frodo". so polite.

Anonymous said...

well, i mean, sam IS his gardner. <3 dinkaroo

Sarah said...

well, you would think if you were travelling to the ends of the earth (literally) with someone, you could drop the courtesy titles. the fact that he does not endears him to me! that and his chubbiness.

Anonymous said...

you know what bothers me about mikey, i mean sean, i mean samwise? is his hate for piracy. i mean, he was in the goonies for christ sake! HE LOVES PIRATES! do you get this? is this too much?