Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I plan on changing my blog theme to a Non Holiday type layout after New Years, which is hopefully when I will be de-Christmasing my apartment although if we're being honest here, last year I didn't take down the garland above the living room bay window until like June.

Hopefully I will be more on top of things this year.

Anyway here I am back at work after a three day weekend that FOR ONCE seemed like a three day weekend. Probably because there was so much going on each day, that I actually got three days worth of things done, as opposed to the two hours worth of things I ususally spread out over the three days.

Suffice it to say all my gifts are unwrapped and put away and everything I got that needed to be put together is put together and everything that needed to be hung is hung and I did all this at like 7AM yesterday because god forbid my body EVER lets me sleep in when I don't have to work.

So now we turn away from Christmas and towards New Years and I have two questions for you:

1) What are you doing New Years. Neeew Yeeeaars EEeeeeve.
2) What are your resolutions?

I have no idea what my plans are...I know that I am making a "fancy" dinner for Adam and I in the early evening that will entail beef tenderloin, spinach + paremsan cakes and flambeed bananas over vanilla ice cream. But our late night plans are still up in the air. I do hope they entail a local party and dressing up. hint hint.

As for resolutions: I used to make tons of grandiose ones and keep none of them. If I have learned anything from the past it is that resolving Not To Gossip is an excercise in futility and i may as well resolve to be able to breathe underwater. It ain't gonna happen. So last year I resolved to be a better gift-giver (inspired by my friend Sarah who always gives The Best Gifts) and I think I stuck to that pretty well. So for this year I already plan on drinking more tea (I have all this lovely Green Tea that I bought from the Kam Man that i NEVER drink..and this girl needs her antioxidants) and I think I will also plan on sending more "real" letters/cards. And being better about returning/making phone calls. To reach the level of screening that I have reached is really kind of tacky.


Jaime said...

i hate the phone! i talk to my husband and my sister several times through out the day but i never call anyone else unless i absolutely have to. i much prefer IM and email for chit chat (or in peron of course!)

Frankie said...


1. Graduate
2. Lose weight
3. Make some more friends.

I got a Cuisinart food processor from Santa too!

Oh, and the chip n' dip is not a crappy gift!

Angel Girl said...

1. Space out time studying for online classes (aka don't wait till last minute)

2. Continue to loose rest of 20 pounds left out of 50 (ish)

3. Socialize a little more in my few spare minutes.

New years eve will be spent partying it up in Rome with my girlfriend! Yay, how exciting for me?