Thursday, December 29, 2005

Do you ever buy one article of clothing, and then feel like you have to buy an entire new outfit complete with accessories to go with this one fabulous piece?

This happens to me more often than it should. I will go out to the mall looking for, say, a red button down shirt, and then I will find this amazing black and gold shrug that i MUST HAVE but that would would really look best with a black tunic-length tube top type shirt and maybe some a pair of semi flimsy black wide leg pants? and of course a gold pointy toed stiletto. I mean I have gold pointy toed flats but a heel is necessary with those wide leg pants.

Wait, what did I go to the mall for again?

Anyway, last night I went to marshals (the one near the North Quincy T Stop which has entirely too much ghetto rhinestone cowgirl going on but makes up for it with the clearnanced anthropologie and Esprit) I went there looking for some kind of sparkly black skirt for New Years Eve and so with a few of those in tow, I made my way to the dressing room.

And then I saw it. On the wrong rack, outside of the dressing room. A Coat. Off White. Faux Fur. FABULOUS.

Screw the skirts, this baby is coming home with me.

And as I was waiting in line to pay, I thought of what kind of things one might wear with an off white fabulous fur coat?

*A slouchy black knit dress a la Diane Von Furstenberg.
*A fitted black tailored button down shirt tucked into black pants with some kind of fab belt.
*Brown suded wedge boots (and i don't even LIKE wedge heels. Look at what this coat has done to me!)

This coat also necessitates some new jewelry...something glittery and gold...and probably a manicure as well.

So once again I have been sucked into the shopping whirl-hole wherein one purchase necessitates another purchase which necessitates ANOTHER purchase.

But hey, Christmas is over and I think a little me-spending is in order.

So me-spending I shall do.


clipper829 said...

I'd personally do a longer-type trouser jean, long with a slouchy leg, you konw what I mean? And a fitted black turtleneck sweater that hits at the hip, with a pointy toed stiletto of some sort (of course) - with a coat that fab, you definitely want something pared down underneath.

Ohhhh I am so jealous. Now I'm off to climb into some paneled maternity pants.

Sarah said...

erin, you rule!!
i already OWN a trouser style jeanne and black hip length turtle neck sweater. whats the fun in wearing things you already own?

MarisaJosephine said...

I AM INFAMOUS FOR COMING HOME FROM MARHSALLS (especially the quincy one) with things i did not set out to buy but did because you always need to look fabulous!

me spending is the best
I highly reccomend it


Sarah said...

marshalls is the best. i would even say it is better than TJ Maxx. i'm pretty sure i could not live without it!

Natalie said...

you *must* post pictures of this fab coat--i have to see!!

Natalie said...
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Anonymous said...

"i already OWN a trouser style jeanne "

Jeanne is neither trouser-styled or owned. J/k! I was thinking that Jeanne was your indentured servant when I read this! <3 andy

Sarah said...

LOL i have jeanne on the mind what can i say!!

p.s. she is not indentured. i totally pay her a living wage.

Norwego said...

God, I love Marshalls! At least you got the coat at Marshalls and not Macy's or something!

e$ said...

i got a marshall's giftcard for Xmas... my life is officially complete!!

Anonymous said...

Of course you have me on the brain! who doesn't, really?
I can't wait to see this coat!