Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Why do people hold the door for me when I am like 50 feet away? Then I either have to speed up and run, which I am loathe to do, or else be an asshole and amble along while you stand half in the freezing cold for the 3 minutes to takes me to get there.

Guess which option I usually choose?


rooroo said...

when that happens to me--especially on the stairs, i hate having to jog up the stairs in the AM 'cause some hero is holding the door open--i just call out, "oh, thanks, you can go ahead," and then if they continue to stand there while i walk at a normal pace, it's their own damn fault.

Sarah said...

the calling out thing NEVER WORKS. they just say "its no problem!" or "take your time" like i am some handicapped old lady trying to get out of her car. jeez! these people and their "chivalry". who needs it.

Marilyndrew said...

you hurry up and run like the nice wuss that you are ;)

i have a bad habit of turning compliments into possiably insulting jokes

sorry about that

Phuzz said...

Eh, just let them hold the door as long as they feel like it. Me, if I'm holding a door, I give it an extra second then just let go, so that they'll probably only have to half-open the door when they get to it. I guess I'm just half-chivalrous? ;)

Laura said...

Let us not discourage the expression of good manners, women!

If he's particularly attractive, I'll continue at the same pace, but put just a little more swish in my step, give him a warm smile, make that one-second-longer eye contact. Fun! (Sometimes you actually get a date with a man with manners that way...)

Otherwise, I do the "It's okay, go ahead" thing, and if he stays put, I figure it's his call, he obviously doesn't mind waiting, so he's a genuinely nice guy, and feel no guilt or defensiveness whatsoever.

It's like knowing how to receive a gift or a compliment with class, isn't it?

Sarah said...

well there is such a thing as being so mannerly that it borders complete annoyingness. and i don't consider being forced to runin heels a gift. nice thought though!