Friday, August 12, 2005

so, i was out sick yesterday.

and did anyone know that puppies do NOT care if you are sick?

it's true. i have acid reflux but it only flares up maybe once or twice a month. and i had one of those flare-ups yesterday BIG TIME! maybe it was the Lebanese wine the night before (Andy came over for a Wednesday night gossip session). or maybe it was the bruschetta....or the spicy pork chops. whatever, all i know is i woke up at 5AM on Thursday and wished death upon myself.

this has been a very vomitous summer, if i do say so myself.

but Bodhi (the puppy) does not care a whit about me and my illness. he took EXTRA long to go to the bathroom each time i walked him (usually he goes right away but he seemed to sense that i was mentally willing him to go asap so i could crawl back in bed). and the barking that i mentioned in a previous post had pretty much died down but yesterday he howled/barked/shrieked in earnest forEVER when i put him in "his room" so i could get some rest upstairs.

(i did learn a trick though from a puppy manual my parents had lying around. if you coat one of those nyla-bones in peanut butter and give it to them, they will be occupied for EVER. it takes them so long to lick the PB off than when they finish, they are exhausted.)

but i'm telling you, these puppies have no compassion.

i felt better around 4ish so then i set about my daily business: cleaning the kitchen, doing some laundry, playing with the dog, etc.

and then at 7 i felt SO much better that Adam and I went to Target and bought out the store (we got a skirt + shirt for me, jeans, 2 shirts and a courderoy suit jacket for adam, a coffee maker, curtains for the living room, a meat tenderizer, hamster food and a puppy teething ring....this is why i love Target)

and i put myself to bed at 9:30 and today i feel so much better. i feel better than i have all week. in fact maybe all month. maybe i just needed a day to sleep since the past weekends have not left me any time to do that.

happy friday!


Raineydays said...

Happy Friday!

Raineydays said...

Damn, I clicked the button too soon. I meant to say glad your feeling better too!