Wednesday, June 22, 2005

this is how i feel this morning

before i went out last night, i told myself "ok, i'll get something small like a salad or something and ONE glass of wine, but that's IT!" and then of course an hour later i am eating oysters and calamari with the fabulous Frankie at Kingfish Hall, followed by $10 martinis at Plaza III with Andy and Jill.

i mean no matter how many times i tell myself that i will budget myself, i really never do. and i have always been this way! i spend, spend, spend until i have nothing left and somehow i still always manage to pay my bills (thank god there are not that many of them) and my rent. my parents are a little in awe of it, since they are thrifty savers, they have NO idea where i came from. and honestly i don't either.

i remember when i was in Kenya when i was 15, i wasn't even allowed to go shopping alone in the markets not because of my safety, but because i would spend all the money i had.

and when i was in high school and working at the bakery and making $40 a week. i would get paid on Thursday, spend it all on Friday night, and then wait patiently until next Thursday to do it all over again.

one summer in college, i was temping at a mortgage company and making BANK because they paid time and a half for overtime and i was working at least 60 hour weeks. one week i got an ESPECIALLY large check and i didn't waste ANY time, i went straight to the bank and cashed it and then straight to Tiffany's and bought myself a few treats.

and here i am, 25 years old, and dropping $100 on a night out like it is nothing when rent is due next week AND i am going on vacation in a few days....

maybe my ex-boyfriend Eric is right, i really am a trust fund kid without the trust fund.


Jaime said...

speaking of money...did you do that tricky thing with your paycheck that makes it seem like you have an extra one?

e$ said...

i hear you. My last paycheck seems to have, well, kind of disappeared quite quickly and I checked my bank statement to figure out why.

food / food / drinks / liquor / food / cigarettes / drinks.

One look at my Homelink, and you know all you need to know about me. :)

carrotpenis said...

If the bills are still getting paid, who cares.

Samantha said...

Oh wow. I feel like you were just writing like you are me. I have no clue how I do it either. I make bank, but I never save and pretty much blow it all at the first chance I get. Somehow I've managed to go to Europe a few times (with my own money) and now I'm planning to take a long weekend to Hawaii next month. However, I still know that all of my bills are currently up to date and also that nothing will be past due.

I'm amazing.


fleecey said...

i am also one of those people who frighteningly (yes, it IS frightening) can manage to pay all the bills even though i have nothing. i was extra bad this week because it's been retardedly gorgeous out, and drinking beer at home by myself isn't as fun as doing it at the pub with amusing strangers.

The Pink Kitty said...

something is wrong with me because I barely spend, I pay bills on time and I still have no money...oh wait, that's right, my craptacular company doesn't pay me a living wage :(

I'm jealous :(

Frankie said...

Yeah, Kingfish is PRICEY - but yummy.

Marilyndrew said...

the picture is great!

did you draw that yourself?