Thursday, March 04, 2004

today i forgot how old i am. i was at the kiosk in quincy adams T station, buying cigarettes (now there is a resolution i had no intention of keeping) and the gentleman behind the counter asked me "are you 18 yet?" to which i replied "I'm 22, no wait! i just turned 24!" to which he replied "ID please". it just hit me today that I am 24 years old. A full week and one day after my actual birthday,. if i am forgetting my age NOW what will happen when i'm truly old? i'll be luucky to know my own name when i'm 40.

ahh my birthday..what can i say about it? a perfect day all around: adam booked our trip to san diego, my boss let me out of work at 3, everyone i love showing up at sonsie to watch me slowly drink myself into obliteration. i will summarize the night in this way: we started off sipping martinis over candlelight and creme brulee at Sonsie...we ended the night sitting on saddles and doing shots out of a bartender's pants at Coyote Ugly. I have recollections of standing on stage with a banana in hand..but i don't want to disturb the classy image i know you all have of me (wink wink)

i would also like to delve into a breach of T etiquette that has been bothering me. every so often i come across these couples on the train, in which the man is holding onto a pole and the woman is holding onto him. now, we all know that holding on to a pole on the train is much more sturdy than holding onto a person, but for some reason these women would rather teeter around like human wrecking balls rather than hold onto a pole. i have seen it three times in the past week and today was the last straw. the woman commiting the act was teetering all over the place everytime the train stopped, knocking into people and coming dangerously close falling on me, which of course would have meant death to her. on top of all this, she was wearing bright purple suede-looking jeans. as if i don't have enough of a pre-coffee headache in the morning. someone quick, call Marithe Francois Girbaud! tell him his pants are back in style!

also: the zipper on my pants is not working, so i now have a "rock the vote" pin holding it in place. hell yeah.

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