Monday, February 09, 2004

i have strep throat. commence feeling bad for me right now!

in all seriousness, i awoke this morning and felt the fiery pits of hell burning in my throat. i went to work anyway, and downed a venti non fat vanilla latte in the hopes of putting out the flame. no such luck. so i commenced working on my ads, listening to the rolling stones loud enough to drown out the phone which my bedeviled throat would not allow me to answer, and still felt no better. eventually nancy took pity on me and basically asked me to go home. really, i picked the perfect day to be ill because the internet was down in my office and as we all now, a real estate firm without internet is not a good thing. with nothing to do, agents were milling around and making nuisances of themselves until the VP just sent everyone home anyway, except for those of us in admin who got to stay. except for those of us with strep, who got to leave :-)

so after a trip to see good doctor weisman, who proclaimed me "unlucky" (i was on antibiotics for another ailment not more than 2 weeks ago), and told me to take the day off ( mission accomplished!) and now here i sit, wearing several layers of clothes, listening to aretha and working on my ads so that tomorrow i can have some screw-around-time at work :-)

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