Saturday, November 08, 2003

an interlude from last night"

We're sitting in a booth Porter's.It is 1AM. Jill turns to be and says "Do you want a free drink?". I am being coquettish so Meaghan replies for me "You said the magic word!". Jill stares blankly at her. Meaghan ventures a clue, "Four letter word? Starts with F, Ends with E?" Jill cocks her head "Fuck-E???"

on a less obscene note, last night was a fabulous night, musically speaking. it turns out that Alba, to my delight, has a live pianist who takes requests so our conversations were soundtracked by Sinatra, Gershwin and finally David Bowie's "Space Oddity" which I could not help singing along to despite the dirty looks from the piano player. Then, in the car on the way to Jill's house we heard Counting Crows "Einstein on the Beach" which was coincidental, i think, because I just this week found my old-school copy of DCG Rareties(which is such a great album, it never fails to remind me of exactly how it felt to be 15). And then at Porter's, our final destination of the night, they were playing no stop, back to back Rolling Stones, which I had been listening to all day anyway! woo! Sometimes I think that the bartender at Porter's and I are musical soulmates because this sort of thing happens alot, I mean let us not forget the Stevie Wonder incident of 2002.

Top Five Rolling Stones Songs:
5) Sympathy for the Devil
4) Angie
3) Wild Horses (acoustic verson)
2) Start Me Up
1) Under My Thumb

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