Tuesday, November 25, 2003

from now until the day after christmas, oldies 103 is playing non stop holiday songs. this may sound like something i would find annoying but instead i absolutely love it. i am a whore for all things christmas: the lights, the carols, the mariah carey "merry christmas" album, the specialty drinks at Starbucks, holiday specials on tv, peppermint martinis with little candy canes in them. it just all puts me in a great mood, i can't help it. oh commercialization, how i love thee.

this weekend was exhausting, mostly because of no sleep and impromptu trips to Hampton Beach at 4AM ;-) i believe that one of the highlights of the weekend was slick's bachelorette party on saturday night. we started out at coogan's, wearing tiaras, sipping vodka tonics and discussing china patterns and ended up at dick's last resort, wearing inflatable penises on our heads, chugging 32 ounce beers and discussing distinctly less appro things. if nothing else, we learned that to attract positive attention/free drinks: wear a tiara out to a bar. but to get rid of negative atttention (from teetering drunks in boat shoes, for example) repeatedly yell "latahs*!!" in the suitor's face until he has no choice but to weave his way, crestfallen, in the other direction. i have to give props to megs who has a keen eye for a potential hitter-on-er and repeatedly deflected them before they even had a chance to utter a single slurred syllable.

*latahs: prounouced "lay-tahs". the bostonian version of "laters". can only be spoken in a somewhat bitchy tone, when one means to be rude. not to be confused with "lata!"

we also checked out a new club, Q this weekend. now, i am not a fan of clubs since i became of legal age to drink, and this club is no different. if i wanted to spend $8 on a tequila shot, look at a bunch of trashy girls wearing essentially bras, and listen to porn-soundtrack versions of tupac songs, i would go to a strip club where at least girls don't have to pay a cover. i mean, really.

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