Thursday, October 23, 2003

so last night was great until an old dirty woman stole my wallet!
the scene: the green dragon at 1AM
the players: me, jill, tom, adam, patty and kim aka "Blue Wave plus one"
picture it: we are standing by the bar, doing lemon drop shots, rocking out to Def Leppard (although Bob Marley is playing), dancing like white people and over all having a good time.
enter old dirty woman: she is skecthy from the outset, and is sitting next to the chair with my bag on it. flash forward to a few minutes later - she is gone and so is my wallet! Curses!
I am afrire: throwing a fit, yelling about "trash" and dropping F bombs like it was Nagasaki in this piece.
a few minutes later i calmed down, claiming it all a case of bad karma. and as we all know, what goes around comes around. Plus, let her try and use my credit card. that shit is maxed out.

the moral of the story is: old people steal.

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