Tuesday, September 30, 2003

ah, my first update since surgery. things went very well and i am happy to report that i am a powerhouse of recovery. i arrived at ssh at 6AM on a cool and clear Wendesday morning. After donning the requisite butt-less johnny, and being drawn on extensively by a marker-happy surgeon, and being subjected to the soothing effects of Medazzalin, I was wheeled into the opertaing room where I told the nurses that I loved them, as most druugged-out-of-their-mind patients surely do, and promply passed out. apres a 4 and 1/2 hour surgery i was up and about, dragging my morphine/nutrients IV around the post-op area of south shore hospital, regaling nurses with anesthesia-induced anecdotes and annoying every patient lying around me because i was 1) not vomiting and 2 )"way too happy to have just had surgery". and then to top it all off, my surgeon, the amazing Dr. Hamori, appeared like a morphine-vision, and told me that, due to my seemingly amazing lack of pain and nausea, I was welcome to go home. my mother arrived, proclaimed "oh my god you're high" and two hours later, armed with a dazzling bouquet of sunflowers and a newly acquired copy of Madam Secretary thanks to Maman, I was wheeled out of the hospital, a full 6 lbs lighter than when I had been wheeled in a mere ten hours ago. Ah surgery: you are the best diet.

So now I am fully recovered, save for some soreness and stitches both of which should be gone within the next two weeks. The next stop: Get a Job.

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