Thursday, May 15, 2003

well, i certainly didn't waste any time kicking off the summer festivties as evident by my all-day hangover and inability to eat/drink anything but slurpees and iced coffee. I went through the Dunkin Donuts drive through this morning with Pogo in the car with me, and the lady who handed me my coffee handed me a Milk Bone for Pogo. Those DD people are prepared for anything!

So last night's festivities began when I met the fabulous miss Kate Ullman at the Stonybrook T stop so we could pre-game for the City Year renuion, which we did at a little and extremely irish bar on Huntington Ave. This bar sported an assortment of older men with Irish accents as well as an honest to god wolf-dog, shaggy and old, who if you made contact with him would come over and lick your leg, not unlike men I have met in bars recently ;-) After we felt we had taken in enough brogues and vodka, we headed over to the Milky Way to get our reunion on: nametags and all. It ended up being a really good time, reminiscing with Creepy Nick, Judit, Laura about old times, getting the updates and the gossip on what everyone is doing now. (Creepy Nick re-affirmed his nickname right away by the way he answered the following question:

ME: How are you?
NICK: Well, not so great. I just got out of a relationship, it was 2 years long, and he was really physically abusive and emotionally abusive and horrible but I'm still in love with him, you know? So it kind of sucks.

riiiight. I hate when people take that question seriously, and then again I hate that I ask it repeatedly when usually I don't really care. In any case, the place started to die down around 9, as the hippies and poets filed in for the Milky Way's "Poetry Slam Night" so Kate and Brad and I continued on to Pat Flanagan's for some karaoke action. Meaghan and Jenny met us there and we girls did a stunning renditon of Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now" which brought down the house and encouraged alot of whooping and dancing. We even had our very own groupie in the form of an older woman who acted out the song as we sang it. As the crowd thinned, Meaghan and I (ever the night owls) skipped town in favor of some tenpin action at Boston Bowl at around midnight. After that was out of our system, we headed to Nantasket Beach to try and get into a bar but unfortunately everything in these parts closes at 1AM. So instead we sang along with Paul McCartney songs and took the long way home.

One of the things Meaghan and I discussed last night was we are both so anti-dating/love/etc. It's not that I mean to be jaded about it, but I think I am just too realistic to be a romantic. I will tell you this though: there are two things in the world, so far, that give me hope as far as love goes.
1) the man I saw on Extreme Surgery on the DiscoveryChannel, who's entire face and alot of his body were burned off in a car accident and left him with no nose,ears or lips. The first time I saw him I immediately felt bad for him because I assumed he was alone in the world but it turns out that not only is he married with three kids: but his third kid was concieved a year after he lost his face/appendages.

2) All the songs Paul wrote for Linda McCartney.

Granted, I was more than half in the bag when we discussed this. But in the sober light of day it still holds true, n'est ce pas?

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