Monday, May 05, 2003

i just spent 20 minutes writing a wonderful and detailed update and when i clicked on "publish" it dissappeared and is now floating somewhere in internet nether-space. i hate that!

Top 5 Things That Made My Weekend Fabulous

5)Going to Adam's Heights Men's Club with my brother on Friday night. (Think Elks Club, without horned animals). We played darts, we drank $2.50 Gin and Tonics and when we came home he made me eggs. Enough said.

4) Ryan's Surprise Party at the Whitwell pad on Saturday Night. We turned a party full of punk band members into a Christina Aguilera en espanol Dance Party, complete with The Running Man, mardi gras beads and of couse, $7 pinot grigio. Kudos to Danielle and Jenny and of course the best lap dancer this side of Centerfolds: Andy.

3) The Salsa Dance Part in Dorchester that turned out to be more of a Fabulous Gay Disco: what with the frenzied dancing to Madonna and George Michael. The tequila shots and sangria flowed like wine as did the lollipops and candy necklaces from the pinata. The end of the night featured Andy, Jill and I holding court on the back porch, smoking ultra lights, singing Beatles/Spice Girls medleys dominating conversations. It never ceases to amaze me that seemingly everyone on earth knows the lyrics to Bye Bye Miss American Pie through no effort of their own.

2) My dad finalizing my trip with Jacqueline to Lebanon this August. Two weeks in "The Paris of the Middle East"!!

1) The E True Hollywood Story "The Hilton Sisters". I have always been fascinated with Nicky and Paris, mostly because I spend money like a trust fund kid with no trust fund to speak of.

And there you have it, my weekend in list form.

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