Friday, May 16, 2003

i have just returned from my first foray into the world of mist-on tanning. The place: Glow Mist-On Tanning in Braintree Center. The result: bronze goddess-ness. Although it was alot more of an endeavor than I previously thought. I had imagined a booth where the patron stands, perhaps with their hands over their head, and misting sprays shoot from the wall and coat the body. Little did I know there was actual physical effort, howver miminal, involved. You must apply two lotions before the session: one removes traces of makeup, oil and deoderant and smells like nail polish remover, the next is a thick white cream that you must coat your hands and feet entirely with. This was explained to me with the gravest of concern. Any hand or foot area that is left uncreamed will shrivel and fall of. Well, not exactly, it will just turn dark brown, but this is how it was explained to me. I believe the exact way it was described was "Use this cream, or your hands will look like paws." Charming. Anyway, you then enter the booth and assume four positions in a precise order while the spray mists out from one side of the booth in 4 seperate blasts. The positions are, as I have named them, back facing Goddess, left facing Charlie's Angel, front facing Goddess and right facing Charlie's Angel. It's all very tai-chi. In each case you must place your leg/arm/face in a precise position or you risk an uneven tan (gasp!). After the misting finishes, which is about 30 seconds, you must enter the buffing room and buff youself with buffing cream and a towel, not unlike buffing a car or a shoe. Then you are finit! It actually works quite well, as evident by the white heart on my upper chest where I had placed a heart sticker before my misting. I may not be a straight-up bronze goddess, but the groundwork has been laid, trust me.

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