Tuesday, May 06, 2003

I have found the cure for sinus infections. It's not an over the counter medication, nor is it Dr Weinstein's favorite perscription cure, Flonase. It is (drumroll please).....Gloria Estefan! I just put in my Greatest Hits copy (which, in my defense, I got when I was going through a ballad phase in late 1996) and found that I am able to write reasonably coherently and in addition my nasalness is clearing up quite nicely. I am even able to lip sync, with a pencil, to "1,2,3,4 (Come On Baby Say You Love Me)" without my head feeling like it's falling off. And don't any of you music snobs get all "No she didn't!" with me. We all know about "Turn the Beat Around" and how everyone, when it comes on the radio in the car, is forced to try and dance albeit within the confines of a seatbelt.

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