Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Well, the good news is that I am no longer scared of Unsolved Mysteries. I watched two episodes in a row this afternoon and would have been almost bored, were it not for a pretty graphic autopsy report complete with pictures. yuck.

I have only a little over two weeks of class left which means that the end-of-semester crunch is upon me, complete with getting up at 6AM to finish papers AND harrassing the bland folks at the Thayer Public Library about books I put on hold that are suddenly gone. Seriously: last week I went to check out Tales of 1001 Arabian Nights, for research purposes, and was told all six copies were out, so I put two on hold and when I arrived today (they should have been returned yesteray) I find that neither party returned their books. I wanted their address and phone number so that I may inquire when they thought they would find time in their busy scehdules to return a book that I need for my paper, but for some reason the librarians declined to give me that information. I am now forced to go to Barnes and Nobles, where the employees are no less completely unhelpful but at least they can be bought.

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