Friday, April 18, 2003

oh. holy. jesus.

i have not been this hungover in ages. it's 3pm right now and i am still so sick. it was all worth it though. last night jenny, jill, meaghan and i headed into Boston to nymph it at The Good Life. And nymph it we did. In between cosmos and martinis and boy-talk we waltzed around the bar floor, dipping each other and of course falling sprawled out on the floor repeatedly, laughing and not at all embarrased. we were the only people in the bar when it closed and i dare say that the doorman AND our waiter and various bartenders were all head over heels in love with us.

and so i awoke at 10:30am, with what felt like a paper bag in my mouth, but no, it was my tongue. Armed with a liter of water and eyemakeup all over my face i dashed to the only class i had today about 10 minutes late and proceeded to dazzle my classmates with my still-drunk ramblings on pretention and the importance of plots.

here's to "no diggity", vanilla-cake shots and my girls!

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