Friday, April 25, 2003

i was told today by an old friend that i am "fancy", and although I was not "fancy" in high school, she doesn't find this new trait of mine to be indicative of my having changed significantly since high school. we then discussed the physical transformations people go through from high school to college, and how, if you see someone everyday, these changes can be nearly inperceptible. in fact, for many people (and this is universally true), we decided that the posession most evidenciary in a complete transformation from your high-school self is a Coach bag.


Inga : I saw So and So walking down the street last summer and she had lost so much weight!
Me (already knowing this): Yeah I know
Inga (more emphatically): She had a fucking Coach bag!
Me: No way!

so now you see. and i don't think wearing skirts = being fancy. I rue this aspect of modern college society. To many people a skirt means you're going to work, or you have a luncheon to attend or perhaps you are having tea at the Plaza! Whatever happened to women wearing skirts because they felt like it. Is it too much a throwback to 50s ideals of femininity? I am starting a skirt revolution.

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