Wednesday, March 26, 2003

it is so beautiful out!

i walk around campus and see others like myself: bundled in jackets and long pants, maybe even sporting a scarf, but with perfectly painted toes peeking out from sandals as though we are all strolling on a beach, instead of hurrying around a chilly campus. it's lunacy. i love it.

a small minority of my school friends are under the false impression that over break i, among other things, got a perm. this is probably due to the fact that this week i have not felt like spending hours blowing out my hair into the sleek coiff they are all used to, and instead have gone au natural somewhat like Vanessa Huxtable in the later shows. i explain to them that i do, in fact, have curly hair, and what they are used to seeing is a product of Thermasilk, a round brush and an ion blow dryer. they concur, but give each other knowing looks over my head.

the "new" UN

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