Monday, March 24, 2003

in one of my classes today, we were assigned the task of writing a position paper that may or my not be published in the school newspaper. after much debate, hemming and hawing, i have decided to to my paper on Reality TV - because I fear a nervous breakdown if I attempt to write anything more politically relevant, and because the American obsession with Reality TV is a phenomenon that I contribute to and mock, all at the same time. I have started my initial research and am already fascinated. More people watch Reality TV than voted in the last presidential election.

anyway, i spent last saturday night at the Quincy dinner theater (pronounced in affected snooty tone thee-ah-ter) with my mom, the lovely jacqueline. besides boasting the cheapest gin&tonice i have come across in ages ($3 each, and Clarky behind the bar is none to stingy with the gin, let me tell you). the food was actually quite good and the company was delightful: we ended up at a table with a Canton High math teacher who has had three of my cousins in class and he supplied some seriously clever anecdotes involving them as well as other students in his class. the thee-ah-ter portion of the night was not quite as interesting as the dinner conversation. The play entitled "The Amourous Ambassador" is nearly entirely about people talking about sex, denying they are having sex, or wanting to have other words like most of my nights out with my friends.

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