Saturday, March 08, 2003

i woke up this morning with a fake eyelash on my cheek and what feels like 20 cotton balls in my throat. ah hangovers - how i love thee.

the good thing about going out directly after work on a friday is that you get home early enough to still go back out and cause a fair amount of damage. last night, megs and i met jenny, jeannie, capella, diana, chad and damien as well as an assortment of jeannie's work friends at The Fours in Quincy. After we secured a table, we set down to business drinking and/or eating alot of meat and smoking and talking about what whores we all are. well, what a whore meaghan is. (just kidding). the party was moved then to 202 where I was attacked by Icarus who I'm sorry to say has grown up into a bit of a bastard. when i left there, jenny was sandwiched in between two punks on a couch, shooting me looks that i interpret to mean "bwah ha ha ha ha ha". this is what is great about jenny: she can give you a look that is the equivalent of when scarlett o'hara raises one eyebrow in Gone With The Wind, and yet her eyebrows never move. still, you get the gist of what she means.

after i arrived home, i realized it wasn't even midnight yet, and so I called Short-But-Fun who immediately came and picked me up, and we segwayed back to his house where he gave me lots of bottled water and allowed me to make him watch Moulin Rouge, after which I made him drive me home. so now i awake, with the whole day ahead of me and nothing to do. i love it.

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