Tuesday, March 11, 2003

i awoke this morning, made my way sleepily and grumpily into the bathroom and was greeted with a horrible spectacle upon seeing my image in the mirror: my right eye was almost completely swollen shut and i had truly become a modern day kyklopes!


after a moment of reflection at my newly afflicted state: i ran downstairs and immediately called dr. weisman (quel drama - i know! i could be coughing up lungs for weeks and never give le dottore a second thought, but the minute my appearance is affected it is off to the clinic i go!). anyway, he saw me right away and after a brief examination of the bedeviled eye, as well as a hearty speech on the neccessity of going to grad school, he gave me the blessed news that i have pinkeye aka conjunctivitis (bad news for my weekend bed mates jill and meaghan!). he then gave me a truly nasty eye ointment that i have not had the pleasure of coating my eye with since i was five years old, as well as full permission to blow off school and work (which i did promptly, bemoening my disfigured state to 2 very understanding professors and a wholly uninterested boss). i then lay on the couch all day and forced a strangely complacent peter to bring me snacks and rent me a movie while i squinted at him in a pirate-like fashion. and while i enjoy being wildly contagious, i fear that I must return to the public eye tomorrow and can only hope that my face is at least mildly more presentable.

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