Monday, March 10, 2003

"Hey Peter! That guy is talking about his testes again!"
- my mother just yelled this from the kitchen, and i sincerely have no desire to find out what she's talking about

the refrain i hear almost constantly at school on mondays is "i so don't want to be here today", usually accompanied by a huffing and throwing down of books, or else a roll of the eyes. i mean literally almost everyone i encounter says this, so it makes me feel like school is one of the only places where you have a large population of people together in the same place at the same time doing exactly what they most don't want to do. interesting...

i found a new bar this weekend that features a wide array of board games. you enter the bar, claim a table, and then are ushered to a back area where there are piles and piles of all kinds of games. this is a great idea, i think. we started off the night with Tabu, and i don't know about any of you, but the game is a little too easy so we modified it into "Drinking Tabu" which is to say not only can you not say any of the words on the card, but you can only talk about the word you're trying to describe in drinking terms. For instance: if the word is TV, then instead of saying something like "A device you watch sitcoms on" you would have to say something more along the lines of "What Dan put his fist through last time we played Power Hour with tequila." it not only makes the game more difficult, but also alot more funny if you ask me. this was followed by several rounds of Boggle, although since we were all pretty toasted by the end, we found ourselves utterly incapable of constructing words with more than two letters in them.

sunday: jill, meaghan and i did what we do best. which is to say we lay around jill's living room, eating wraps from Podima, leafing through copies of US Weekly and watching movies - until around 7PM when we began to feel really unproductive and called it a night in order to all be home in time to watch the SAG awards, during which I was very happy to see my girl, miss zeta jones, get her due reward.

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