Thursday, March 13, 2003

i am in a very bitter mood right now. today the belatedly well-informed dr. weisman tells me that 1) i don't have pinkeye, i have an infection of the eyelid gland which is caused by, and i quote "extremely bad luck". 2) i have to take chalky white horse pills that make me ill, and if by tuesday the bedevilied eyelid has not improved than it is off to surgery i go! the only good news i had was that if i do need the surgery, i will get to wear an eyepatch for a few days and thus get to induldge my urban pirate fantasies- argh!

also, i am trying to read a The Age of Revolution for my midterm tomorrow, and this damn author keeps using the word "Insofar" which i find to be an extremely pretentious and wholly unneccesary word to use even once. Is it that much harder to say "to the extent"? i will say this though: it is much easier to study for a French Revolution midterm while listening to the Les Mis soundtrack.

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