Wednesday, February 19, 2003

i will say this about the snow: it makes a lovely excuse to do or not do almost anything. for instance: i did not do my literature paper that was due today because of the snow but i did eat everything in my house this weekend because of the snow. see how that works? very nice.

so aside from the mass consumption and snow blindness i have little to report on this past weekend's events with the exception of friday and sunday evening. friday, as you know, was valentine's day and in true singleton fashion myself, jill, meaghan, jenny and andy trooped out to News, decked out in our finest, for an evening of free champagne and debauchery (beginning with passing around the bottle of goldschlager in the cab ride there, and ending with free drinks provided by the charming swiss and belgian men at Trio). the early morning hours found us all back at jill's in various states of disarray and drunkeness, swigging Andy's homemade margarita smoothies and reading aloud from our high school journals, all the while shrieking and dancing around, while Bridget Jones Diary played in the background. all but one of us luckily passed out before the infusion of drunken straight men into jill's apartment. (sorry jenny :-) )
we are starting a Colin Firth fan club entitled "Who's On Firth".

sunday night brought a more sedate form of revelry: andy, miss meaghan and i attended Frank Sintatra night at Lucky's in South Boston. the martinis were incomparable, as was the 40's-like ambience and amazing vocals of one Mr. F Sinatra. we discussed the normal intelligent topics of young and urban types far and wide: literature, Michael Jackson and of course, shoes. I will say this about the clientele: You can take the girl out of Southie, but you cannot take the Southie out of the girl. The conversations in the ladies room (kudos, by the way to the Valley of the Dolls picture on the door) were peppered with phrases like "fuckin'" and of course the illustrious "c-word". i, of course, was shocked and appalled

in conclusion: next Tuesday is my alleged 23rd birthday and I would just love if anyone who can, would come to Mary Mary's All Star Karaoke at the Milky Way in JP to help me celebrate my old age with liquor in plastic cups and nutty sing-alongs.

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