Wednesday, February 19, 2003

i just got in from such an uneventful night at work. i sold not one pair of shoes, although i did take over the handbag counter for a little while, although i am not supposed to leave my section. it will always amaze me how talking in an authoritative tone of voice commands respect, even when one knows absolutely nothing about what one is talking about.

An example:
Customer: I love these Coach bags, will you be getting any more?
Me (having no idea): No, these were the last shipment. They're a limited edition for this store
Customer (seemingly thinking i'd better get them while i can!) I'll take two of them.
Me: (gleeful at a $400 sale): Wise decision

(I find out later that we have oodles of said bag. oops!)

i guess the night was not a total loss: i did get to hear all about Joanie's abcessed tooth. That's always a good time

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