Thursday, April 14, 2011

The End of an Era

Today is my last day at my job. I have been here for what seems like forever. When I graduated from college in December 2003, I started working for a real estate firm on Newbury Street, since I has previously worked part time for a mortgage company while I was in college and learned that Back Bay realtors (at the time) made bank. I worked there for less than a year because it just wasn't for me (though working on Newbury Street was amazing). I switched to property management where I quit after about three weeks there because my manager was a tyrannical asshole and had lied about every aspect of what my job would be, including hours, pay, title, etc. Anyway at that point, November of 2004, I was like, WTF am I doing. I have been out of school almost a year and have little to show for it but an Anthropologie addiection (I DID work around the corner), an apartment with my new boyfriend and absolutely no clue what I wanted to do in life. I decided the smart thing to do would be take a breather and temp for a whille to give myself time to get my bearings and figure out my next step. I met with a temp agency downtown, expecting to find myself situated answering phones at a dental office in Downtown Crossing or being an Admin Assistant for a biotech firm in Cambridge. Instead they asked me if I was willing to work outside of Boston. I decided, why not? I have a car. It might broaden my horizons (also I loathe the T). So they sent me to a construction manageemnt firm in Newton to work as a part time receptionist. I initially worked 11-3 every day, answering phones and filing and such. Then after a few weeks they asked me to start working full time. Then the next month they offered me the full time permanent position of receptionist. At this point, I was still unsure of what I wanted to do in life but the money was decent, the benefits were great and I was really enjoying my coworkers. So I stayed. Within a few months I was being trained on using/creating construction documents, calling subcontractors, putting contracts together. I was promoted within 2 years to Project Assistant and taken off the phones (Hallelu!) and then less than a year later promoted again to Project Administrator. And I have really enjoyed my job. It's fast paced and ever changing. I am forced to think on my feet and problem solve my way out of challenging situations. I continue to love my coworkers and have learned so much from them. It's everything I have seen/done/particpated in/took the lead on here that has made me able to take this next big step to Project Manager at the energy efficiency job. I feel so lucky to have just "happened" into this company 6 years ago and so lucky that it turned out to be such a good fit. I hope for this kind of luck with my new company and am really looking forward to the challenge my new responsibilities will been. I have tomorrow and Monday off which gives me a nice four day weekend to prep for my first day. Tomorrow I have a mani/pedi planned, going New Job make up shopping at Beauty & Main and probably some New Job clothes shopping at the mall. I also have to apply for my passport at some point and do my taxes. Nothing like the last minute, no? This weekend I have nothing but tentative plans which is EXACTLY what I need. My only concrete plans are to garden and make a Coq Au Vin for dinner at some point. I can't wait!


eileen said...

congrats on your last day at work! and I'm looking forward to reading about your coq au vin, as it sounds delicious (and dirty).

Jenny said...

Enjoy the 4-day weekend! Congrats & good luck on Tuesday!!