Thursday, April 07, 2011

Drinking Wine, Saving Money

In my endless quest to cut costs, I have taken to buying wine in bulk - when you crunch the numbers, especially when you live in a wine-with-dinner house, it just makes more economical sense to buy by the case or half case. Many package stores will give you discounts of up to 20% if you buy 6 or more! I also have several go to wines that I know I like which makes it easy to commit to a larger amount of them. And since we have access to a basement now, storage is a breeze!

I signed up for a few mailing lists of my favorite local wine stores (Marty's and Gordon's to name a couple) and take note of their sales and specials. I have also joined the email list of a local store - Bin Ends Wine in Braintree that has amazing deals! I get emails every week detailing their "Buy The Case" deal wherein if you commit to buying one case (12 bottles) of the wine they are featuring, you get what I can only refer to as a sick deal. Even better is you can pick up your order in the store to save on shipping. SO basically you get the email, make your purchase online and then swing by on your way home from work and they have the case packaged up, waiting for you. Couldn't be easier!

A few weeks ago I ordered a 6 pack of Hyatt Cabernet for around $45 that was a huge hit in our house - even my brother who is not a huge fan of reds was enamored with it. This morning the Buy The Case deal at Bin Ends featured 2007 "Pillar Box" White Padthaway (Australia) which I have had before and LOVE! Especially for spring! And the kicker is the price for a case of this wine? $48! Even I can handle the math involved to figure out that's $4 a bottle. An absolute steal. However as I was purchasing I made the mistake of only ordering six bottles, though I meant to order twelve. As I was checking out I realized my total was $36 instead of $48 and I was like, oh well six is fine too. A few moments later, my phone rings and it is one of the employees at Bin Ends. He wanted to know if I meant to only order six bottles, since six more bottles would only cost me $12 more. I mean, is that customer service or what? It's like he read my mind.

So he handled my transaction quickly over the phone and now I get to go by after work and pick up my inexpensive case of delicious wine (and pick some beer up for Adam as well, did I mention Bin Ends has a stellar selection of 22 oz craft beer as well?). So this is my special shout out to Bin Ends. Helping me save money and buy wine all in one fell swoop.

If you live in the area I would highly reccomend checking them out and signing up for their email list! Bin Ends 236 Wood Rd # A Braintree, MA 02184-2415

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