Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Things I am Digging: Snow Day Edition

Don't let the title of this post fool you. The things I am digging have nothing to do with snow. Well unless I was going to make some pun about having to dig my car out later but for now I will live in denial of that fact with my large cup of French Roast and share some things my eye caught when I was doing some online shopping earlier this week/some of my go-to items these days.

Gold Clutch from Old Navy - $12.97

I can't find my beloved gold clutch, though I know it's around here somewhere. And I found it in an antique store years ago so it's not like I'll be able to get another one. Even though we moved back in September there are still things I KNOW I brought with me that I can't find! It has to be around here somewhere! It just has to! In any case I cannot be without a gold clutch so this is a budget friendly replacement until I find mine.

Rococo Bow Ring from Charlotte Russe - $6.50.
My vintage-obsessed heart is loving all of the bows everywhere lately. On shoes. As brooches. On sweaters. And on this sweet ring. And of course in this song.

You didn't think I'd sneak a little Dinah into this post did you.
Moving on.....

Pointed Kitten Heels from Isabela Toledo for Payless - $44.99
I don't know what it is about these shoes but I love them. I know they are weird. And kind of busy. But I also find them to be snazzy and fun. Definitely something to jazz up an all black ensemble or dark jeans - black top ensemble (both looks of which I am a fan). And you have to give it up to Isbela Toledo who is most famous for designing the dress Michelle Obama wore to the inauguration. Sigh!

Color Slim Palette - Eyes from Sephora - $6
I am a fan of eye makeup. I wear some kind of shadow/liner/mascara combo every day. In fact when I don't wear any eye makeup I get comments like "Did you go out last night?" or "Have you been crying?" (to which I usually reply "Have you gained weight?" because obviously it's Rude Question Day and I want to participate too!). Anyway, I love me some eye makeup but I don't want to tote around all of my eye shadow compacts and liners with me all damn day (My Caboodle is another thing I lost in the move). So I picked up this palette and just keep it in my handbag for whenever I need it. The pink and pale silver and light brown are great for day wear, the other colors are great for a dramatic eye/going out. I even use my liner brush and use the black shadow as a liner in a pinch. The point is it's inexpensive but nice quality and about the size of a credit card!

This is just a great drugstore nail polish. It has an extra wide brush so it's a cinch to apply, it dries relatively quickly (great for me since I can't sit still long enough for other nail polishes to dry!) and it lasts for days without chipping. My favorite colors so far are Gilty Pleasure (a metallic gold) and Commander in Chic (A taupey-grey).


Jen said...

I just bought a bottle of the Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure and I think it stays on my nails longer than OPI. Love it!

Rebecca said...

I've always been a big fan of Sally Hanson - and as Jen above pointed out - it DOES last longer than OPI. Their quick dry topcoat is AMAZING...

I'm long overdue for a Sephora run; I got an email today about Jennifer Aniston's new perfume. Knowing how much I love her - I've got to see what it's like though I hesitate wearing perfume that a celebrity fronts, you know what I mean?