Thursday, February 10, 2011

Proof I am Really 70

Sometimes an article of clothing gets in my head and I can't rest until I own it. Maybe I saw it on the a website or maybe it caught my eye in a store window. Maybe I heard someone describing and thought, that would be pretty awesome.

The most recent occurance of this was a couple of weeks ago. I am always on the lookout for what I refer to as "going out tops". Sparkly. Funky. Something you can throw on over jeans and look snazzy. And I thought I had found the latest perfect going out top at Macy's. It was a shimmering gold and black blousy top that I just know would have looked perfect with my dark skinny jeans and gold flats (NB I dont actually own those flats but my birthday is coming up and I intend on treating myself!). The thing is at the time the shirt was out of my budget. However knowing that it was INC (my favorite Macy's brand) I knew it would be on sale within a couple of weeks so I decided to wait and see.

Then this past weekend Adam and I were inivted to attend the grand opening of a restaurant and intructed that the appropriate dress code would be "jeans and a nice top" and suddenly I sense of urgency overtook me. The black and gold INC shirt! The time had come. Get me to Macy's.

So I went last night after work intending on snapping it up and being on my way. As I had imagined, it was on sale but because it was on sale it was no longer on the rack I had initially seen it on. So I scouted around - you'd think that a sparkly sequiny shirt would stand out! But lo, sequins are everywhere now so I was beginning to think maybe I had missed my chance. Sob! However at that moment, something black and gold did catch my eye. There was my beloved top! In all it's sparkly funky glory......

....draped over the arm of a woman in her mid to late 70's. Clad in cruisewear and exclaiming to her friend in a pink sweatsuit "I just love this blouse, Mary! Where can I get rung up?". There was also something in there about wearing it to the dinner theater next month.

I was instantly reminded of one of my favorite Golden Girls episodes in which Dorothy, decked out in a blousy sequin top exclaims "I look like the mother of a Solid Gold dancer!"
(click to watch)

I'm consoling myself with the fact that I will probably be that woman in 40 years. And in the end I opted for a bright pink sequin tank and a cute black cardigan that was maybe a little more age appropriate. Which I paired with dark jeans and black flats. Then as I was getting ready to leave the house that night my brother mentioned that I was 31 years old (NB I AM STILL THIRTY) and maybe I should tone down the eye makeup. In my defense, I love a smokey eye and always will whether I'm 30 or 90 and 2) my brother in general prefers the au natural look. But still!!

The moral of the story is - be who you is. Which for me apparently entails signing up for a Chico's catalog and hitting the MAC counter after work for some more kohl!


Jenny said...

You're too funny. But, you're also FABULOUS! "Just as you are." :)

ErinirE said...

Chicos. Ha.

Rebecca said...

I've only gotten like that once, when I was obsessed with the Uggs Fluff Momma's I bought at Wrentham. They haunted me for a week until I went back and bought them. FORTUNATELY they were still there. ;) Having buyer's remorse for missing out on something fabulous - stinks.

Andy said...

"The moral of the story is - be who you is".

YES MAMA! I have taught you well. ;-)