Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wedding in Provence...only not

Its probably about time I did a wedding update, right?

Well first and foremost, after getting the planning underway with our original venue and hitting a few snags... we both decided while out one night having dinner in Cambridge, that we would rather do something a little more low key. A little more us. My parents have a beautiful yard, why not rent a tent and do the damn thing there?

So that is just what we are doing. We hired a tent company who is bringing us a gorgeous huge tent and we’re doing the ceremony under a tulle and white light bedecked trellis in the backyard. We booked our favorite DJ. It’s going to be completely gorgeous. It’s also a lot of work!

We are up for the challenge though.

After deciding on the size tent and getting a floor plan from the tent company (who will also provide tables and chairs and the bar and lighting, thank goodness), I had a brunch this past Sunday to get my bridesmaids together with my maid of honor, and my aunts Barbara and Marilyn who have stepped in to help me since my parents are abroad until right before the wedding.

I already had clear ideas of what I wanted. French country theme, lots of white lights and flowers, a low key but elegant garden party atmosphere. And let’s not forget about the karaoke.

It was good to get other people’s feedback as well. And we could not have done it without Aunt Marilyn who came armed with handouts, took copious notes and by that evening had emailed us all of the meeting minutes and our action items! I just love her!

We nailed down the menu, worked out the logistics of the cermony (which was tough to do with two feet of snow on the ground, but we worked it out!) I don’t want to give everything away but I will tell you that we are doing three different kinds of centerpieces, and having several types of table linens. From the linens alone you can kind of get the vibe of the party.
The larger tables will be bedecked in Provence style tableclothes, of varying designs but sticking to the blue/yellow theme. Then the smaller cocktail tables will have solid blue and yellow tablecloths. (Are you getting the color theme yet? My bridesmaids will also be wearing blue though I have given them free reign to buy any kind of dress they want as long as it's blue. Because life is too short to be forced to buy a dress you will never wear again!)

It;s pretty much entirely a DIY wedding which is super exciting for me, a gal who loves a project. And for my wedding party who are creative, fun types and have already come up with great ideas. I reallly just want it to be a fun festive garden party the first 10 minutes of which during we happen to get married.

And lest you think I am becoming a youknowwhatzilla, Adam had final approval on all decisions!

My goal for the next month or so is to Get a Dress. Everyone I speak to seems horrified that I am getting married in June and dont have a dress yet but I'm not wearing A Gown. I'm going to buy an off the rack simple long white (yes white, quiet down!) dress appropriate for a garden party that is not too stiff or stuffy and above all not too bridey. I already have a good idea of what I want so hopefully it's not too difficult to find.
The other big goal is Invitations - which I am on the hunt for. I kind of want to find something DIY just to go with the theme of the wedding. Any suggestions on good websites for this?? We already ordered the save the dates, with the goal of sending them out at the beginning of February. I think they are hilarious and will post them once we have already sent them out.

The only downside of having the wedding where we are having it, is we had to shave the guest list. So there are people I would like to invite, who I really just can't. Part of it is my family alone is like 60 people. Then you factor in Adam's family, the wedding party and close friends and that's about all the space can handle. But one thing I have learned thus far in the wedding planning process is you can't please everyone and you really have to do what works for you.

Anywho that is about it for my wedding post. Don't worry I wont be posting every little thing in here but if I come across something cool or need help I will probably post about it!


A Texas Gal said...

I'm love the idea of a backyard wedding. If my parents hadn't moved out of my childhood home I would have wanted mine (whenever that is) to happen there. Can't wait to read about the details!

I haven't finalized what I picked out from the CSN giveaway just yet but when I do I will devote an entire post to it! :)

Caitlin said...

LOVE IT! I totally wanted a backyard wedding but sadly had no aprop. backyards to carry that idea out in. Also, the guest list issue for us too...I have a huge family.

I can't wait to see everything come together, and your Save the Dates! Speaking of, we used for our (first, real, grown-up) holiday cards this year and their quality was great. They have lots of fun, offbeat designs too. Good luck!

Oh! And how could I forget! For our DIY-infused wedding, we bought invitations at Michaels. They have a line of Bride magazine (I think?) invites where you can print them at home - envelopes, reply cards, print templates, everything included. Ours matched our wedding colors and everything perfectly and I LOVED being able to pick the wording (ie: Reply cards said something like "Will you join us? We can't wait to know what you'll say!" And then they had to either check off 'be there with bells on' or 'have to miss the fun'. It's you know, almost like a super fancy evite. Um, on paper.)

Melissa said...

I think it sounds great and totally something that you 2 would have based on what I've read on your blog! I love the blue and yellow theme and low-key is always so much more fun!

Jenny said...

Sounds fabulous and SO you!! I can't wait to hear about the details and see pics. :)

Just remember - if anyone lets your friendship end because they are not invited, then they aren't someone you want to be friends with! Also - only THREE people matter: you, Adam & the officiant! Everyone else is gravy.

I know you're going to have SUCH a blast planning. Let me know if you have any questions or want any suggestions (i.e. we LOVED our photographer).

As for invitations - Paper Source! They can be a bit pricey, but their stuff is beautiful and totally DIY.