Monday, January 03, 2011

Holla 2011!

Well hello there, long time no talk!

What's been going on you may ask? Well let me try and get you up to speed.

September - Adam and I moved to Braintree. We are living in my parents house with my brother (Peter) and the dog (Bodhi) while my parents are in Morocco doing the Peace Corps! While there was an adjustment period (it's weird to go from living with just each other for 5 years to having someone else in the mix!) all in all this has been a great way for us to save money, bond with my bro and test drive having a dog. There have been good times (house theme nights like "Southern Feast" and "Mojito Night") and not so good times (like how I seem to break the garbage disposal every other week! Apparently wine stoppers DO NOT go down there) but I must say we really are enjoying the new living arrangements!

Hello from our furball roomate!!

October - It's weird how used I got to having a blog. I feel like I have no idea what happened in October and I dont have the luxury of looking back on this blog to remind myself. I swear if I don't write something down, it didn't happen as far as my brain is concerned! At least we were keeping track of things somewhat on BrewEngland. We took advantage of the gorgeous fall weather by going on several day trips (there are only 2-3 months a year that I am guaranteed a good hair day. I make the most of these months!). One of our favorites was a trip to the Berkshire Brewing Company with a bunch of friends. Definitely a must see for New England Beer Lovers!

This month also brought with it what felt like the annual even we all know and love - Boston Blogtoberfest! As always Jenny did a smashing job putting it together and it was great to mix and mingle with the local blogerati.

The OB Crew (Original Bloggahs ) - Jenny, John Wall and me

November - November brought with it a long weekend trip for Adam and I to one of our favorite New England destinations - Woodstock Vermont! I documented the trip here. Basically it was a great couple of days of good food, great beer and wine, excellent company and beautiful views. It's the perfect weekend away! Especially if you like any of the following: shopping, drinking, eating, hanging out in a gorgeous setting. Or giant animals made of hay!

I also hosted my first Thanksigiving! I made entirely too much food, but I felt very accomplished at the end of it (not to mention a little bloated). I think the key is not to start drinking until the bird goes in the oven. I can plate tipsy but I really can't cook tipsy. C'est vrai.

December - A whirlwind month!! It began with a trip to Chicago for Adam and I. We had always wanted to go, got an email about a crazy deal on flights and hotels, booked it and voila! Mini vacation for us. Though we were only there for 4 days it was enough time for us both to fall deeply in love with the city. Neither of us can wait to go back! You can read Adam's recaps here or you can check out the photos over here.

Adam and I in Millenium Park

Then the weekend after our trip we hosted our annual Holiday party which was great fun as always and ended in the wee hours of the morning with all of us crammed in the kitchen singing "DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME AT ALL" (which if you think about it is kind of a BS song. I mean a good cause but the lyrics are kind of rude), and eating Diana's delicious cheesecake brownies and breaking into the Pinotage. Great times all around.

Andy and Chris making it nice around the tree

Then the weekend after that was Christmas which was busy as always with family parties. Then this past weekend was New Years Eve which we spent with good friends at our pal Brian's house and where I wore the shortest skirt and the highest shoes. That is just how I felt like ringing in the New Year. I Am Not F'n Around (incidentally that is my theme of this year as well).

Meg, Me and Vicki

You may wonder, what exactly do you mean by Not F'n Around as a theme of your year? Well it basically means, time to get down to brass tax. Time to get with our get out. I have a lot I want to accomplish this year (bit things like, um throwing a wedding! And smaller things like travel and aligning my finances) But that is a post for another time). In any case I am looking towards 2011 with my nails painted and my hand raised. Bring It On.

I will leave you with this: I made these Mojito Jello Shots for the New Years Eve party and they were a huge success. They are a litle more complicated to make than regular jello shots but the end result is totally worth it. They are strong, but classy. The Angela Bassett of jello shots if you will. Enjoy!


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