Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A Dog's Life

I'm kind of a freak about towels.

For me a towel has to have several qualities. It has to be soft but not too soft. It has to be large, even blanket like (I need something to shroud myself while I shiver violently post - shower and contemplate how much I wish I could go back to the sweet bliss of bed) and it also has to be absorbent enough to deal with my epic mane. And I have a texture thing where it can't be too velour-like or on the opposite end of the spectrum, too sandpaper like. This is a tall order for pre-6AM activities but there you have it.

Surprisingly, I have trouble finding towels I love. I've hit gold at TJ Maxx a few times. At Macy's....even at Target. But these finds are few and far between.

These days we keep a stack of towels folded next to the bathroom and every few days each of us switch out which towel we use. Then as the stack dwindles one of us knows to do the laundry (this person is usually not me. I know my way around a kitchen but not around a washing machine. As recently as TWO DAYS ago I shrunk a new pair of pants into wide legged capris. Rookie mistake!) In any case the point is, there is usually a decent supply of fresh towels next to the bathroom. So I haven't even seen the bottom of the pile for months.

Until recently, with the holidays and taking turns not feeling well the pile has dwindled. So the other day I went to grab a towel and it was his beige one I had never used before. I picked it up and WOW was it soft. After my shower I was using it and it was crazy absorbent. This must be one of those SPA towels, I thought. Maybe one of my parents' towels had worked there way into our collection. It was deliciously soft, like drying off in a cloud. Not to mention it dried my hair like no towel ever has. So this is how the other half lives! I was resolved to track down the make of this towel and buy a million more. Bloomingdales Home Department here I come!

Or more like PetSmart.

Yes, it was the dog's towel, apparently. Oopsies!

And the sad thing is I gave the dog a bath on Saturday and used what I thought was "his" towel, this bedraggled Snoopy towel we have had for 20 years.

Now I know why I caught him giving the the stink eye when I was walking around the house with this towel turbaned atop my head. Sorry dude! At least this explains why it dried my hair so well. It's made to dry off creatures who are covered head to toe in hair (which if you saw the state of my hair lately you would see this is not a far cry from me).

The short version of this story is, I need to do some laundry ASAP.

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Jenny said...

You're too funny... Love it!