Monday, January 24, 2011


As I mentioned last week, recently I hosted a brunch for my bridal party and some of my aunts helping me plan the wedding. As a brunch quasi neophyte, I didn't have an arsenal of brunch recipes to rely on. I am more of a lunch person, typically. I have been known to fly into a rage when I go to a restaurant on Sunday for an early lunch and am presented with only egg dishes, (OK my rage may have more been because they said that I wouldn't be able to order a Bloody Mary until noon which was a devious 40 minutes away. Yikes. )

But even for me there came a time and a place for brunch and that time and place happened to be Sunday at 1Pm at my place. So I turned to my good friends the internets and between them and my local favorite French bakery - I turned out a pretty good spread.

(If you look closely you can see our wedding cake topper, which was also my grandparents' wedding cake topper. Since they were married for over 60 years, I think it's good luck!)

Since some of my Twitter friends had asked for the recipes I used - I figured I would share here. These are all easy to make and a good mix of sweet and savory! They are also all inadvertently vegetarian. A brunch without bacon. Who knew!

Party Perfect Mini Quiches -

Almond, Cinnamon and Chocolate Croissants from French Memories in Cohasset

Hash Brown Brunch Casserole -

Copley Plaza Dip - (pictured next to the casserole) - I got this recipe from my dearest friend Andy, whose grandmother used to enjoy this dip at the Copley Hotel in the 1930s and, after figuring out the recipe, always served it when entertaining guests. It is easy as can be and was easily the hit of the party
8 oz cream cheese, softened
2-3 tablespoons Red Pepper Relish (Ritter's is ideal, I used Cains)
a few dashes hot sauce.
Blend Well and Serve with Triscuits. Delicious!

Waldorf Salad Bites - I adore Waldorf Salad but it is kind of messy to serve at a party. So I prepared it as usual and spooned a tablespoon each into phyllo cups. Easy to eat and so refreshingly crisp and tasty. If you don't care for waldorf salad you could easily do this with chicken salad (maybe with some chopped green apple and walnut) or seafood salad. An easy and elegant little appetizer

For beverages I had assorted white wines, water and sparkling water and my aunt Marilyn and Barbara brought an enormous pitcher of Seabreezes which I think was everyone's favorite part of the whole brunch. You cannot go wrong with cranberry, grapefruit juice and delicious vodka.

Anywho if you have any tried and true brunch recipes of your own I'd love to hear them - I'm having another brunch in early March and would like to change it up a bit. I'm thinking a Bloody Mary bar? Though I am the only one who likes Bloody Marys.

Actually that may be perfect (wink wink) .

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