Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh Hai...

Here I am!!

This summer is insane, work wise. If you are familiar with the construction industry then you may have heard the term "summer slammers" which refers to huge projects, with very tight schedules that crop up in the sumer when companies want a lot of work done in a little amount of time. It's hectic and exhilerating and crazy, but better than the alternative. In any case I am running around all day and by the time I get home I just want to make dinner, drink some wine, maybe watch some re runs of No Reservations with Adam and just RELAX.

But I am going to get back on track, blogwise.

The summer so far has been pretty busy! For the first time in 6 years we did NOT go to New Hampshire for the 4th of July long weekend. Every time we go up to NH for that weekend, we say things like "I cant wait to relax and unwind" but we end up being busier up there than we are down here, hosting cookouts, catching up with old friends, running around to parties. It's great but this year we were like "lets just stay home and really RELAX". And what we learned from that experiment is we would rather be in NH running around on 4th of July weekend! We were kind of bored all weekend long!

I did manage to host a stellar Vegetarian Lebanese dinner party that I have been meaning to post the recipes from for, well a week now. I will definitely be posting it over on I Cook Good soon!

Why vegetarian you may ask? Well a few months ago I came up with another fun food thing for Adam and I to try. No not a Vegan Cleanse or an extended Adventure in Odd Meat...but I thought it would be fun for Adam and I to go Vegetarian for the summer! Well I thought it would be fun, Adma thought it would be devastating. So we split the difference and decided to be Pescatarians for the summer (meaning we still eat seafood, but no other kind of meat). So far it has been pretty easy! We have been enjoying mostly vegetarian meals with about 2-3 seafood meals thrown in there a week. Things like cajun grilled shrimp, barbecued salmon....even Dr Praeger's fish sticks (a new fave!). Our CSA share, which gives us a weekly delivery of fresh and delicious vegetables and fruit, has also helped in this endeavor. I dont think I would ever be a pescatarian forever, because I love food too much. I mean if I was in a retsaurant that served the best pulled pork in the city, it would be a shame not to get it! But anything that helps us eat more vegetables and involve less meat in general in our diet I think is a good thing!

So.... what else. I suppose the biggest news is that we are moving! After 6 years in the same apartment complex we are moving one town over, to live in/take care of my parents home while they live in Morrocco for 27 months. They are actually doing the Peace Corps which is a little mind blowing. But my parents have always been an incredible example to me so why should I expect that to change as they get older?? It's a once in a lifetime opportunity for them and I couldnt be prouder that they are taking it. In the meantime Adam and I will be in Braintree, taking care of the dog and sharing the place with my brother which should be nothing short of interesting. I look forward to the change of scenery!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and is more tan than I am!

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Jenny said...

I am definitely NOT tan, as I'm stuck in my office all summer! Glad you're having a great summer so far and good luck on the move! :)