Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When I'm Wrong, I'm REALLY Wrong

I am my cell phone, scheduling an appointment for my windshield to be replaced (it has a small crack that came out of nowhere)

Customer Service Rep: And how long is the crack
Me: Oh it's really small. Maybe 4-5 inches?
CSR: So, under 6 inches?
Me: Yes
CSR:A re you sure?
Me: Yeah it's a tiny crack.
CSR: Ok then you are a candidate for repair instead of replacement
Me: Sqee! (because I don't want to deal with replacing the velcro thing that holds my Fast Lane transponder on my windshield)
CSR: Ok so you're all set we're coming out tomorrow
Me: Wait a if the crack is larger than 6 inches you can't repair it and it will have to be replaced.
CSR: Exactly
Me: Do you have to know now? Can they make the call when they get out here?"
CSR: No they like to know in advance if it's a replacement or repair
Me: Maybe I better go measure it....
Grabs ruler from front desk, rushes out into pouring rain, leaping over puddles to get to the car. Deftly measures the crack"
Me: Uh yeah I was way off
CSR: So, not under 6 inches.
Me: No it's actually like a foot and a half. Yikes
CSR: Well I'm glad you checked!
Me: Me too.

Join me next time, when I incorrectly guess the weight of a coworker!


Amanda said...

I have a ton of those velcro thingies for the fastlane transponder. I'll throw some in my purse and try to remember to give them to you next time we're together. :-)

Also, those cracks grow, sometimes quickly so there's a good chance it WAS less than 6 inches the last time you looked at it!

Sarah said...

I have had this crack for a year and am just now getting around to fixing if it had grown i hope I would have noticed. Then again clearly I have no idea what's going on.

Thanks for the velcro thingies!!!

Jenn said...

This is classic and hilarious.

Jenny said...

Too funny Sarah!

M said...

HA! of course it is a foot and a half!