Friday, February 26, 2010

Putting Your Best Face Forward

Yesterday, to kick of my 30th year, I booked myself an appointment at Elizabeth Grady for a facial.

My first one, ever!

My skin has never really been problematic for me, other than being a little dry, and as a result I have never really developed a skin care regime. Really I just wipe off my makeup at night (sometimes) with these Garnier Detox wipes, and throw on some Oil of Olay SPF 15 All Day Cream in the morning. It's a very hook or by crook operation. So I figured maybe it's time to get into a more serious routine. After all I am THIRTY NOW! With great age comes great facial responsibility.

I headed over to the spa yesterday afternoon, really excited for some relaxation and skin care tutelage. I was ushered into a small room upon arrival, and told to strip down to pone of their super comfy terry cloth tube tops and make myself comfortable on the heated spa-style barcalounger while my spa technician got ready. We discussed what exactly I wanted done and since I had no idea, I told her to decide what would be best for me.

First up? A Chemical Peel!

If you are like me, you immediately thought of this

Not super into the raw meat look I thought typical of chemical peels. And I don't even own a fabulous hat with a veil to hide behind

But after some cajoling by the spa technician I decided to go ahead with the Lactic Acid Peel and really? Could not have been easier or more refreshing. She basically smoothed some tingly cream on my face, let it stay for a few minutes, and wiped it off. No actual "peeling". And I verified immediately after that I still had all the layers of my skin that I came in with. Not to mention a nice glow!

Anyway the facial progressed, there was some exfoliation, some "extraction" (yeah my hook or by crook facial care routine? apparently not doing the trick. yikes!), some steam. She smoothed a decadent masque on my face, placed sliced cucumbers over my eyes and then she asked me if I wanted to wear a pair of their heated mitts, most customers find them really soothing. I said yes, then immediately remembered my Minx, that are sensitive to prolonged heat exposure. I asked if I could feel the mitt first to see how hot it was. I reached out to feel the mitt and as my fingers enclosed around it I remarked "Why that's not too warm at all!?

Her response?

'Uh yeah that's because that's my boob".

I snatched my hand away immediately "Oh my god I am so sorry" and then of course started laughing hysterically because what else can you do? I couldn't see anything!!

It ended up being a running joke for the rest of our session. I remarked to her that my accidental fondling was actually her tip, enjoy! And she joked that it was the most action she had seen in a week. So all's well that ends well.

And I ADORED the facial. My skin felt and looked amazing after and I got some great skin care tips to set me up fine for the next stage of my life. Elizabeth Grady is actually having a 25% off sale so I can buy some gift certificates for future facials now, at a great discount. I can't believe I waited this long to get one, and I will definitely be back more regularly from now on.

But seriously. Only I go to a spa for my first facial and end up accidentally going to second.


Peter Gem said...

i can't breathe i'm laughing so hard.

emily said...

I'm still laughing after reading that! Oh my stars that is SO funny.

hope505 said...

"...With great age comes great facial responsibility..."

A classic. This should be in a library of quotes somewhere!
* ; )

And your facial sounds wonderful!!

Andy said...

I ditto Peter's comment. My boss asked me if I was okay I was coughing so hard from laughing/not breathing.

Anonymous said...

omg, i think i just peed a little... LOL

Jenny said...

OMG. I literally just laughed at loud at my desk. That is too funny Sarah!!

Glad you enjoyed your first facial experience (although you may have enjoyed it a bit TOO much!). I'm not a fan, but yours sounds delightful.

Annie MacKenzie said...

I cannot believe you grabbed her boob. Too funny! I love Elizabeth Grady and have never been disappointed with their facials, waxing or massage.