Monday, November 02, 2009

NaBloPoMo In the House!

Starting off NaBloPoMo on a good foot - by totally forgetting to blog yesterday, November 1st.


I am still going to participate though because as you may know, I do what I want. Maybe if I double up one day it will even out, right?


Anywho the weekend was a bit of a blur and in the midst of the blur was one of my favorite holidays: Halloween! This year I revisted a costume I did a few years ago but totally sassed it up. Do I have a picture of this sassiness? Of course not. But here is what I did

1) Cut the sleeves off of my Ann Bolyen dress from last year, which gave me a dark green and gold tunic looking dress.

2) Used my long brown wig from last year.

3) Piled the wig on top of my head and wove bright green rubber snakes in and around it. Stuck a huge rubber snake around my neck. Painted my eyes green and was ready to go! Medusa in the house! Gorgon it up!

Adam word a fierce mullet wig, bandana, Trans Am t shirt and dirtbag mustache. I believe his costume was "a creep". And creepy it certainly was!!

We met up with
Andy and his lovely roommates for some pre-party festivities and then joined the masses at Ashmont Grill's annual costume party which was a BLAST! I am telling you, when you see a large man dressed up as Marie Antoinette walking into a place, you know you are at the right party! Nearly everyone was costumed to the hilt and the bartenders did a great job keeping us all sauced. We danced to hits of the late 70s and hung out on the "haunted patio". All in all a splendid time.

Of course I was the deadbeatingest of all deadbeats yesterday. The majority of my day was spent trying to get into "Hell's Kitchen" but I just do not like it. I wish I did. But Top Chef still takes the cake followed closely by The Next Iron Chef (which in many ways is basically the same thing although Alton Brown is way more palatable than that Tom Collichio if you ask me).

And so here we are on Monday and I am actually looking forward to this week. Things at work are insane but the good kind of insane that keeps you busy and makes you feel like you're actually good at what you do. Love it.

Stay tuned for more inanity every single day this month. Work!


Anonymous said...

i really miss a good halloween party. actually, who am i kidding: i miss A good party. and party. with my friends popping kids out left and right for the last three years our "parties" usually start right around 3 pm with coffee and cake and end around 7 pm with screaming, tired kids and a mess of toys all over the place *sigh* i guess we either have to find new friends or make kids ourselves... i just don't really feel like either one right now.

sorry, sarah. i basically wanted to say: it sounds like a GREAT halloween-weekend and i think it's a shame you don't have any pictures...

Norwego said...

Where are the wedding planning updates????

Sarah said...

I think wedding planning updates are kind of tiresome, both to type and to read. Sorry!