Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Like That and It's LIke This

This weekend was entirely too short, don't you agree?

Saturday was quite the busy day for us. We got up early (well, early for a Saturday) and were out the door by 9AM. Our first stop?
French Memories in Cohasset for almond croissants and coffee. We make it a point to have breakfast there at least once a month. For one thing the ride is incredibly scenic and for another those almond croissants? TO DIE FOR. We drove along the ocean on the way back and holy hell was it crazy.

We pulled over a few times to get a better look at the enormous angry waves (and to narrate faux snootily a la the show
Clash of the Gods "Poseidon's wrath could not be contained, ho ho ho". In any case it was breathtaking! Maybe it is my inner bitchy Pisces but I love an angry ocean.

Moving on, we arrived at the
Talbots Outlet in Hingham, which luckily is located next to an EMS so Adam could keep himself entertained while I hit the sales HARD. I would have to say the deal of the day was scoring a fabulous blood red wool pea coat for $31,99. Marked down from $279. And the ticket said $89 which is what I thought I would be paying. What what!

The trick about the Talbots Outlet is definitely go early and go hard. We got there about a 1/2 hour after it opened and it was still pretty empty which is KEY. So you can hunt for deals at your leisure and at this place more than any other I would say ALWAYS try things on. You may think something won't look great on you but it does. Or you may think something will make you look incredibly elegant but it turns out it makes you look like a swollen disco ball. Not cute! But in any case seriously if you live in the area and can spare an hour to pop in and look around you will not leave disappointed. This is my dead horse and I will continue to beat it until everyone I know has shopped there.

After running some more errands we later met up with Andy and his roommates at the
Eire Pub for "afternoon beers". Every bit as classy as "Afternoon tea" if you ask me. We had a grand time recounting our weeks over afternoon beers (or in my case, afternoon G&Ts) and then it was off to Burlington for our friend Sarah and Tony's for Tony's 30th birthday party.

As always the party was a great time and it is fun to get a chance to catch up with people I pretty much only see at Tony& Sarah parties. Plus I have to say a party that starts in the late afternoon is my new favorite thing. Because by the time it's over and you're like "oh it's so late" its really only 8PM. Of course we tried to take advantage by going out after the party but lasted only one drink before packing it in and heading home. I blame the afternoon G&Ts.

Yesterday was a bit of an abomination. I woke up SUPER sinusy and with an earache (something that has been happening a lot lately and that I am really not into) but I powered through and went to my parents house to hang out with
my man, Bodhi, make some Beef Bourguignon (which came out DIVINELY. Simmered it for 4 hours on the stove!) and do scads of laundry. I am proud to say there is now not one item of dirty laundry in my apartment. I dont even rememeber the last time I could say that. Not a bad way to spend a SNOWY (yes, I said snowy. and yes it's freaking October) Sunday.

And now it's Monday and I am frankly, not having it.


Suz said...

ditto on the angry ocean thing (but I'm a cancer). great job on the coat!

Sarah said...

water signs, what what!

Melissa said...

Yea the weekend flew and I am not pleased with that at all!

I want to try an almond croissant. Also, I have never been to a Talbots store or outlet! I don't know if there's one near me! I need to check!

Sarah said...

Yeah! Definitley check it out. I know Talbots kind of has this reputation as stuffy but they do have some really cute things and if you catch a sale or outlet is really reasonably priced too!

Rebecca Jill said...

Sounds like y'all had a great time.

Great coat find at Talbots!

I'm of the opinion that all weekends are entirely too short.

The Beef Bourguignon sounds delicious.

Rebecca Jill said...

Oh and I love to watch angry oceans, too, and I'm a Gemini.

Though being from the west coast of Florida I have that big storm/hurricane fascination in me, so that may have more to do with it than my Gemini air sign.

Jenny said...

Talk about snowy in October!! It started snowing - heavily - in the middle of our wedding reception and then the rest of the week was GORGEOUS!!