Monday, September 14, 2009

A Situation in Which It Is Not Good to Aim High

As I have mentioned before, I had my first physical in like 5 years a few weeks ago (No time like 6 months before your 30th birthday to get yourself on track!). In addition to getting a bunch of shots I also had a ton of blood tests done, your normal run of the mill stuff. The good news is everything checked out fine and I am shockingly healthy given my lifestyle....well except for one teeny little thing.

My cholesterol. It be sky high.

Now, this was not too shocking, since I have had high cholesterol since I was a toddler and it runs in my family. BUT knowing that, I should have been making dietary adjustments along the way but well - you know about my co-pilot cheese right? I blame him for most of this.

But in any case I am in need of delicious low cholesterol recipes because I am not ready to hand my life over to Lipitor. So if you have 'em, please send them my way. I did find this collection of low cholesterol slow cooker recipes that I plan on using. Nothing says fall like busting out the crock pot, right?

I have another checkup in three months so hopefully by that time I have myself in gear. Now if you will excuse me I have some Cheerios to eat.


Bean said...

And Quaker Oatmeal, too. Simple Havest vanilla, almond and honey is SO delicious.

Laura said...

There's a lot of info on Niacin as an alternative. Apparently it can bring on hot flushes at the start, but it's cheaper & has many fewer side-effects than Lipitor...

Jenny E - I love your blog! said...

Actually, dietary cholesterol has almost nothing to do with serum cholesterol levels, so avoiding it in foods really doesn't do much for your lab results. Here's a great report put together by a leading natural health physician, to really learn a lot about cholesterol. It sure helped me! :)