Thursday, September 03, 2009

Scattered Sarah

I got ready to leave the house today around 11:30AM. Before leaving I made myself a shopping list since the supermarket was on my list of errands. I was going to try out a new recipe tonight since I'll be having a dinner guest and needed to pick up a few things.

I made my list, folded it and stuck it in my bag.

Then I turned off the TV and all the fans and lights.

Then while rummaging through my bag looking for my keys, I noticed I had a lot of loose receipts and pieces of paper in there so I removed them all, grabbed a bottle of water and was out the door.

Leaving the list I had made not more than 3 minutes ago, in the pile of receipts on the table.

And then when I realized my mistake at the supermarket, I tried to remember what was on my list and got pretty much everything wrong. So instead of cheese tortellini with corn and tomato and prosciutto - we're having cheese tortellini with squash and red peppers and turkey sausage.

Close enough right? The same colors at least?

Note to self: It's no longer enough to remember to make a list and remember to put it in your bag. You also have to remember not to REMOVE it from your bag.

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Anonymous said...

I finally gave up and started making my shopping lists in the notes section on my cell phone. I find it harder to lose or forget that way. (Harder, but not impossible.)