Sunday, August 23, 2009

After Working So Hard To Get Rid of my Boston Accent

I hate that these three words/phrases sound exactly the same in my mind.

Car Key

It is NOT right.


Rebecca Jill said...

That is NOT right.

I"m just realizing I don't think I've ever heard anyone I've known so far in my life with a Boston accent ever say, "khaki."

Bean said...

Whoa. Craziness. They are totally different for me but I live in Utah where mountain is pronounced mow-en. :)

Mandy said...

Don't get rid of your accent! The world would be such a boring place if we all sounded the same...

I'm trying so hard to "hear" this in my head--I think you should post an audio clip. By the way, my parents (life long Missourians) tried to watch the movie "The Departed" (love that movie) and finally had to turn it off because they "couldn't understand a damn thing anyone was saying."

Sarah said...

I dont think the way I say "Khaki" is Boston per se...I think it's from being raised by a mom who has a french accent? Everyone else I know says it like "Cackie".
Oh and Mandy my accent is LONG gone. I got rid of it when I was like 14? But I notice it creeping back every now and then. Especially when "the drink" is involved.

Kaylen said...

Ha--never thought about this, but it's funny! I totally imagine them all sounding the same to someone from the east coast.